Photo Gallery Module

UABB Photo Gallery

There are two ways that we’ve added photos and images on our website. Photo Modules and Gallery Modules. Photo Modules add single images and Gallery Modules add multiple images.

The UABB Photo Gallery (Photo Gallery) Module allows you to display, you guessed it, a gallery or group of images. It’s purely visual and has no real text options.

Editing the Module

As with all modules hover over the gallery that you want to edit until the blue outline appears around it and click inside the blue outline to edit the Gallery Module.

The editing dialogue for this module will look slightly different than the usual standard editing dialogues, but you will only need to worry about one “field” the “Photos” field.

Like the Photo Module, you will select “Edit Gallery” to add, remove, or re-order the photos in the gallery. The first screen you will be taken to is the “Edit Gallery” screen, where you can remove images, add captions to them, or move them. Moving the images is as simple as clicking and dragging them to a new location in the line-up, but you may have to keep the image in its new location for a few seconds before Beaver Builder will complete the move.

On the left side of the Edit Gallery page, you have two actions that can be taken, “Cancel Gallery,” which is self-explanatory, and “Add to gallery,” which is also self-explanatory, but we’ll follow this link for now.

Clicking on “Add to gallery” will take you to a Media Library screen. Here you can select as many images as you’d like to add to your gallery by clicking on the images you want to add. Once you’ve selected the images you’d like to add, select the blue “Add to gallery” button in the bottom right corner of the window. You will be taken back to the “Edit gallery” window, where you can move, remove, and caption the images as you see fit. Once you’ve completed editing your gallery, select the blue “Update gallery” button in the bottom right of the window and go back to the Photo Gallery editing dialogue, where you should just have to select “Save” and continue editing the rest of your page or select “Done” and “Publish” to apply your changes to the live website.