Website Editing Tutorials

WordPress and Beaver Builder

SKC uses WordPress for its website content management service. WordPress is a very stable service and is used on a huge percentage of the websites on the internet. To increase the functionality and ease of use of WordPress sites there is a large ecosystem of plugins and themes. SKC uses a theme and plugin combo called Beaver Builder that allows us to edit the website in a pretty intuitive manner.

These Website Editing Tutorials will introduce you to the major areas that you'll be working with within the WordPress/Beaver Builder systems.

Good luck and happy editing.

Logging In

You will have been given login credentials (Username and Password) by the SKC Web Developer.

Each SKC website has a different login addres; find your login address below.

Getting Started

You will only have access to specific pages on the website. These will be assigned to you.

Once you’ve logged into the website you will be taken to the WordPress dashboard. You can navigate the WordPress “backend” via the navigation bar on the left side of the window. Your options will be Posts, Media, Pages, Comments, Profile, Tools, and  Yoast SEO. We will be primarily focusing on Pages and Media as these are what you’ll be editing most frequently.

To access the pages that you may edit, select “Pages” or hover over “Pages” and select “All Pages”. You will be taken to a page that will show you a few pages that you have access to. A note: do not select “Add New” to create a new page.

Getting to the page you want to edit.

Once you’ve reached the “Pages” screen you can hover over the page you’d like to edit. There will be a group of options here Edit, Quick Edit, View, Beaver Builder, and Duplicate Page. There is no need for you to select anything other than “View” which will open the page for viewing, or “Beaver Builder” which will open the page for editing. In most cases you will select “Beaver Builder”, but if you do select view you can choose to edit the page from there as well.

You’ve landed on the page via the “View” link, but you want to edit the page. You can do so by selecting “Beaver Builder” in the black band at the top of the window.