Photo and Image Module

Photos and Images

There are two ways that we’ve added photos and images on our website. Photo Modules and Gallery Modules. Photo Modules add single images and Gallery Modules add multiple images.

A slight disclaimer here, it’s entirely possible that I use the word “image” at times instead of “photo.” Not all files that are used by the photo module are photos some of them are logos or other graphic elements, so I end up interchanging the terms.

You won’t be able to add these modules to your page(s), but if there are photos, you can change them as you wish.

Editing the Module

Go to the photo you’d like to change and hover over it until the blue outline appears around it, then click inside the blue outline to edit the image. The dialogue that pops up will have the usual three tabs, General, Style, and Advanced. As always, please do not edit the Style or Advanced tab.

On the General tab don’t worry about the photo source field, it should already display “Media Library”, which is what we want. The photo field allows us to change the photo by clicking on “Edit”. This will take us to a screen that has two tabs Upload Files and Media Library. I’ve already discussed that you should already have the image uploaded to the Media Library, but it is possible to upload images from the Upload files tab as well, although I encourage you to do it as I’ve explained in the Media Library tutorial. Select the Media Library tab, and here you can scroll until you find the image that you’d like to use. Select the desired image, a blue square with a checkmark will appear in its upper right corner, then select “Select Photo” from the bottom right of the window. This will add the image to your page.

If you’d like to include a caption for your image you can do so in the Show Caption field.

The Link Type field will allow you to treat the image as a link with five possible actions. By default, this will be set to “None.” It is a best practice that this should be kept here unless you have a very compelling reason to turn the image into a link. If you do want to turn this image into a link, you will need to fill in all of the meta information for that image in the Media Library.

The Link Type options are; URL, which will take the user to a new webpage, Lightbox, which opens the image as a pop-up, and Photo File or Photo Page, which opens just the image. 

Save and Publish or save and continue editing your page.