Heading Modules


It will not be very often that you’ll want to change the heading of a section, but it’s been known to happen. The good news is that heading modules are really easy to edit.

Headings are almost always the larger, bolder text on the page. To edit them, as with any other module,  you’ll hover over them until the blue border appears, then click inside the blue border to edit the module.

Editing the Module

Again, please leave the Style and Advanced tabs alone we are only here to edit the content of the heading. There are two areas that you can edit. The field that says “Heading” and the field that says “Link”. To change the heading’s text just type the new content in the heading field of this dialogue. I can’t imagine why a person would want to turn a heading into a link, but it’s possible. Just paste or type the URL of the location the link will take the user. 

When you are finished editing the heading module do not forget to click “Save”

If that is all you are editing make sure to select Done and then Publish to apply the changes to the live website.